So, I’m into Bundt Cakes now. Apple Cinnamon Bundt cake to be exact.

  Bundtastic. This cake is what happens when you go apple picking and then have no idea what you’re going to do with the 30 lbs of apples you’ve acquired. Advertisements

Pumpkin S’mores Cake

I had to bring this to work so that I didn’t eat the entire thing.  That is all.  Make this. Now.  The pumpkin makes this a little different and even more delicious.

Banana Creme Pie Cupcakes

These things are not joking. Hope you like pudding.

Mama Gonzalez Pineapple Cupcakes

Theres a BBQ tonight at my girl Pam’s house for her Mom, Figured these would be a good partner to some guatemalan food stuffs. I’ve been having quite an obsession with pineapple these… Continue reading

Morning After Cupcakes

This did not go as planned.  I had grand dreams of making 3 different but equally good kinds for Becky’s shower that would blow her mind and she’d be 1 million pounds heavier… Continue reading

Spiked Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

These are a holiday take on my earlier experiment with Chocolate Cherry, but better because there’s alcohol? This frosting seems to let the cherry come through in the cake more than the original… Continue reading

Drunken Hazelnut Nutella Cupcakes

Alcohol, check. Nutella, check.  The only 2 things that matter in life are in this cupcake. I may or may not have cleaned the empty Nutella container with a spoon. Whatever, eff off.… Continue reading

Black Velvet Blackberry Cupcakes

We had Karaoke at our holiday party this year. I was inspired by one of the great songs in everyones repetoire, Black Velvet.  This cupcake is just as addictive as the song, only… Continue reading

Boo! I made cupcakes. Pumpkin Apple Crisp.

Yep, its been an obnoxiously long time. But have no fear, I couldn’t resist passing up Halloween Cupcakes.  These guys are a freak of nature, combining Pumpkin AND apple crisp. I know, crazy.… Continue reading

Independence reclaimed by eating copious amounts of sugar – Red White and Blue – Berry Cupcakes

Yeah yeah, I haven’t posted in forever. I think my body and mind needed a break from sugar. I have new guinea pigs to try stuff out on, which means many more cupcakes… Continue reading