I have no life, so I make cupcakes

My love for cupcakes comes from being a fat kid (see picture). Kinda. I moved to San Francisco and have slowly become obsessed with all things food related. I am now a foodie. But not the snobby kind that takes pictures of food in every place they go. Mainly just of things I make at my house. Which 95% of the time is cupcakes. Over the past year my kitchen has gone from old hand-me down’s from my mom, to purchasing my very own kitchen-aid mixer a few weeks ago. I even bought a souffle dish. WTF. I am a tool. My love of food has sent me to great lengths. I even ran a marathon to avoid obesity. Pitiful right? And now, I’m finally blogging. I love my friend Jess’ blog, so I thought I’d give it a try and complete my Jess transformation. Enjoy.