the long awaited b-day cupcake extravaganza

Apparently I don’t have any other hobbies and my life is cupcakes. I might as well start getting cats now. Next year I want a tabby. This years birthday theme involved cupcakes in every shape and form.

1. bday bbq, 5 types of cupcakes
2.bday bbq, 2 cupcake recipe books
3. Ida’s wedding, I was in charge of the cupcake tower
4. Magnolia cupcakes at the wedding
5. Party favors were cupcakes, which we lugged all the way to mikes.
6. Another cupcake book, same as in above. Which is awesome. In case I ever lose one.
7. Cupcake extravaganza 2009, which is really what this post is all about….

14 cupcakes, 1 survivor.

Lots of red velvet, lots of icing, lots of thinking of puking. But I held it together for the kids.
The individual winner: #1 Two little red hens: Brooklyn Blackout
Shop ranking:
Billy’s & Little red hens (tie)
Amy’s bread
LOSER– Cupcake cafe (just because you put flowers on the top does NOT make it good)

Seriously, I’m never eating cupcakes again. I know everyone expects me to make something out of the 12 cookbooks I have. But see my previous post….this is what you’ve driven me to people!

It was a great time, good friends, good food.