Sur la Table, Dans ma Wallet

Today, I headed down to the ferry building to get some provisions for healthy eating and ended up buying a bag of sugar and more baking gadgets.  Not exactly what I had envisioned, but it still got me excited about making some new cupcakes.

I have yet to find the perfect tip for every cupcake, so I figure why not buy them all and see what happens.  I’ll probably be able to build a suit of armor sometime soon with all the tips I’ve collected.  I think a goal of mine will be to use all of these, a new one per cupcake.

That small green thing is a silicone grabber, I’ve found that my larger mitts crush the cupcakes when I’m getting them out of the oven.  We’ll see how this works.

The huge bag of sugar is Demerara sugar.  I use this for candying things.  Like bacon.  Its fairly similar to brown sugar but there’s no processing.

A pastry bag, so I can stop killing baby seals by using the disposable ones.

And of course to top off my loot, some fancy liners.

Sur la table 5 – Jessica -$60