Mango Tres Leches Cupcakes

This would be the perfect cupcake for a spring outdoor dinner.  Its decadent but light and fresh. We were at Whole Foods last week where I saw some beautiful yellow mangoes. Luckily the… Continue reading

Gangstas like cupcakes too.

This is awesome.  I’m goin red!!!!  Fullsize via

What says spring better than a margarita in a cupcake?

Ok, I’m sure there are plenty of things that signify spring better than a cupcake. But, lets just face it people are interested in drinking when its warm out.  So, without further a… Continue reading

Happy St Patricks Day. Let’s Drink. Cupcakes.

Tonight we attended Yelp’s Sugar High party, where we sampled some of the cities most popular cupcakes. To be honest, they were so so and it inspired me to get back to it.… Continue reading

Red Velvet for Rahbean

Surprise Robin! I’m not particularly a fan of red velvet, which is probably why this is my first time making them.  But! When its someones Birthday, they get their favorite and I put… Continue reading

I’ve been stalking…a book.

After toying around with going to culinary school for quite a while now, I’ve become quite familiar with the culinary institute and its awesomeness.  And even more awesome is this book.  Lets just… Continue reading

Toffee soothes the savage sweet tooth.

I needed something sweet and I needed it fast.  Enter toffee.  This was super easy and really really good. Yes, 99% of the time I make cupcakes.  To be fair, this is part… Continue reading

Raspberry Cupcakes perfect for your Valentine (gag!)

One of my favorite things in the world are raspberries. The perfect raspberry can make any dessert above and beyond normal.  I remember eating wild raspberries up north as a kid. There were… Continue reading

Sur la Table, Dans ma Wallet

Today, I headed down to the ferry building to get some provisions for healthy eating and ended up buying a bag of sugar and more baking gadgets.  Not exactly what I had envisioned,… Continue reading

iCupcake got an iPad

I have been wanting one for a while to use for photos, games, etc, but now that I have it…I’m realizing how many cool cooking apps there are out there. Does anyone have… Continue reading