Fluffernutter Cupcakes

Most of my life I’ve been fighting with peanuts and peanut butter.  As a small swarthy child, I ate plain marshmallow fluff sandwiches and straight up jelly.  Something happened, I don’t know when,… Continue reading

Kiwi Cupcakes w/ Brown Butter Frosting

I bought a boat load of kiwis like I always do, thinking I will be sooooo healthy and eat them all.  Let’s just be realistic, the only way I was eating all of… Continue reading

Bagels up in this bitch

My friend Megan got me thinking about NY style bagels a while back and ever since I’ve been dying to shove one in my face on a daily basis. Nothing is better than… Continue reading

Sweet Avocado Lime Cupcakes

The Avocado isn’t normally thought of as a must have dessert flavor.  Growing up in Texas, my only experience with this green thing was in salty, spicy guacamole.  I was ok with that… Continue reading

A little chemistry lesson: Baking Powder vs Baking Soda

I’ve repeatedly asked myself, what the heck is the difference between these two ingredients.  And then time and time again I just don’t look it up.  Here’s some information about how delicious cupcakes… Continue reading

Can I write better than a 5th grader?

We shall find out.  I can already eat like one.  After over a year of blogging and the start of 2011, I’ve decided to take all of this a little more seriously.  Perhaps… Continue reading

Oreo Cupcakes

After quite a few days off, Keith’s sister Ida got me back into the swing of things with not 1 but 2 cupcakes.  I totally forgot to take pictures of the 1st one,… Continue reading

2010 Cupcake Dangerous in review

I got this a few days ago and thought it was pretty cool and inspiring to keep up the ol’ blog.  This year I’m going to take on many more delicious things, mainly… Continue reading

30 days of cupcakes post mortem (i might have actually died)

A few things I’m sure you’re all dying to know.  I did not gain any weight from these little bundles of joy.  I was already on a downward spiral.  If anything this has… Continue reading

Day 30: French Toast Cupcakes

These were a request from some hungover gents.  I think they did the job as they were eaten for dinner.  I added in a soaking of maple syrup to really give it a… Continue reading